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Star InfoTech - an international   Software Development company
Star InfoTech is a leading online software provider. We are a registered Software Firm since 2004. We are based in Bathinda, Punjab, India .

Easy customization and unmatched support Star InfoTech delivers a private-label solution for any businesses and individuals that are looking for customized website platform that takes on the look and feel of their existing website or of what they imagine it should look like at the affordable prices.

Several programmers among us are in the team who are helping us for providing  The Online Software's at affordable prices. So Our business in providing Online software's and associated technologies at the  affordable prices to the  masses.  Our staff  consists of a dynamic group of professional designers, programmers, internet security and search engine optimization specialists, e-commerce professionals, and managers, all dedicated to bringing the best possible services to our customers.

What is one of the first things that comes to one’s mind after quickly looking through the Star InfoTech Dating / Matchmaking 7.12 Products ? It is cheap, it has a massive amount of functions which, if bought separately, can amount to  thousand  of dollars & that too without the long list  which inherently this software provides. .

Star InfoTech is sure that no customer will be dissatisfied with Dating / Matchmaking 7.12. Dating sites created and managed by Dating / Matchmaking  software. We can also help you create your own dating site! We surely  want the feedback from you about this software so that we can make it the best for you based on your recommendations. 

Star InfoTech Team

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